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April 29, 2022

10 Essential Shopify Apps To Improve Your Ecommerce Store

  Looking to generate more sales from your online store? You should consider installing more apps that will provide a better shopping experience for your customers. Here are 10 Essential Shopify Apps To Improve Your Ecommerce Store.

1. Facebook Channel

  Connect your Shopify store to Facebook and Instagram to share your products through social media. This app will automatically sync all your products to Facebook and Instagram making it easy to promote them on social media.

Use Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, and Facebook Marketing

2. Google Channel

  Google Channel is another essential app to allow your products to be listed on the Google Shopping channel and this app makes it easy to do so.

Example of product sync list with Google Merchant Center.

3. Privy - Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS

  Privy allows you to collect email newsletter subscriptions through the use of beautifully designed popups and generate more sales.

  Privy can also be used for SMS marketing that sends text messages to new customers and abandoned cart reminders.


Pre-Built Templates + Easy to Use Website Popup Editor

4. Instafeed

  Instafeed allows you to add custom Instagram feeds to your Shopify store. This will help with displaying updated content and generating more followers to your Instagram.


Desktop 1

5. Product Reviews

  Shopify Product reviews allow you to add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you, and share their experience with your product.

admin listing screenshot

6. Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbot

  Tidio allows you to add live chat to your website which gives another communication channel for customers to reach you. This can help generate new sales by answering questions that customers have regarding your products.

Live Chat designed for your needs

7. Booster SEO & Image Optimizer 

  The Booster SEO app helps with improving your store's SEO ranking to generate more website visitors through organic search.

SEO Optimizer Dashboard

8. Double Currency Converter

  Improve conversions by installing the Double Currency Converter app to your Shopify store. This app will automatically convert the product prices to the customer's local currency based on their location.

The app supports 160+ currencies including Bitcoin. This app will make it easier for international customers to buy your products as it’s shown in their local currency.

Add multiple currencies

9. Quick Announcement Bar

  This is a simple app that allows you to add a customized banner to the top of your website to notify customers of website updates such as sales, coupons or new products.

These banners can also be customized to show only for customers in certain locations.

Shopify App, Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom, Notification

10. Aftership

    Aftership makes it easy for your customers to track their orders. This app will generate a tracking page that your customers can visit to view the status of their order.

  The app allows you to send email & SMS notifications to your customers regarding their order status.

 Track all shipments in one place

  So those are 10 Essential Shopify Apps To Improve Your Ecommerce Store. If you need help with setting up any of these apps on your Shopify site you can contact us at MapilitMedia Inc.

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