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August 12, 2020

10 SEO Improvements you can make in 2022

As of 2020, Google provides 3.5 billion searches per day. How much traffic is your website generating from search engines? SEO is one of the most reliable sources of traffic in 2022. Here are 10 ways your website can capitalize on the billions of searches per day.

1. Build more Content

 In SEO, Content is King! By adding more content to your website, you are able to rank for new keywords relevant to your fresh content. Develop a schedule for posting new content to provide more value to your audience and display your expertise in your niche.

2. Mobile Optimization

The majority of internet users will find your website through mobile devices. By not having your website optimized to these users will drastically increase your bounce rate resulting in hurting your SEO rankings. Make sure your website looks readability and provides a friendly user experience on mobile devices in 2022.

3. Site Speed Optimization

We live in a world of instant gratification, having a website load speed of 2 seconds is expected in 2022. If your website is slow, Google will punish these sites by negatively reducing SEO rankings with poor site speed optimization. Improving your website speed is an easy way to improve your SEO ranking and user experience.

4. Image Optimization

Images play a huge role in displaying your message to your audience. Reduce your website load time by compressing your images and converting them to “webp” format. Also having your images served through a CDN(Content Delivery Network) will drastically improve your website speed.

5. Proper use of Header Tags

“One Page, One Goal” should be the concept you think about when planning each of your pages. Relevant keywords should be used in your title tags and making sure that you only have one H1 tag on each page, using H2 tags for subheadings. This not only helps with SEO but also helps users navigate through your content. 

6. Social Media

2.7 billion users visit Facebook every month, by sharing links to your website using social media, you can drive new users to your website as more people engage and share your content. Social sharing is a factor that search engines use to determine SEO rankings.

7. Fix Broken Links

The main goal of any website is to convert a user to take a certain action. The conversion rate of traffic being sent to a broken link is zero. Your brand will negatively be affected by having broken links on your website. This is a surefire way to improve your SEO is making sure if any links are done, you are able to redirect that traffic to relevant content.

8. Creating Infographics

Having an image rank on search engines is another way to drive more organic traffic to your website. Infographics are more likely to be shared on social media platforms for their digestible content value compared to long-form blog content. Try providing supplementary infographics on future blog content.

9. Optimize URLs

Optimizing your web page URLs will improve “click-through rate”, by having relevant URLs to the search queries made, you are ensuring the user and search engines that your web page is relevant to their search. Keeping your URLs short and relevant would be best for SEO.

10. Blog Outreach

Getting relevant websites to link back to your website is a major factor in determining your position in the search results. One way to build links is by guest posting which is providing relevant content for other websites where in return they will link back to your website, showing search engines you are an authority in the niche by the authority of other websites linking back to your website.

So there are the 10 ways that you can improve your SEO rankings in 2022. Which strategy are you going to use? MapilitMedia Inc. provides SEO services to clients in Toronto. If you’d like us to manage your SEO rankings, then feel free to contact us.

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