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July 30, 2020

5 Reasons why Website Maintenance Is Important

Any website owner's goal is to convert visitors into conversions, keeping a website well maintained and up to date is important to show your visitors you are an active business online.

After a website is built, ongoing maintenance is still required to ensure that the website is running to its maximum capabilities in serving your business. Here are 5 reasons why website maintenance is important.


How often are you backing up your website? We recommend at least having weekly backups, if you are constantly updating your website site content or performing e-commerce transactions, we recommend daily backups, even hourly if possible.

Having backups for your websites is essential if you need to revert back to a previous version of your website after a Malicious attack. 

2.Uptime Monitoring

Are you notified when your website is offline? The reason can vary from hosting maintenance to a malicious hack that causes your website to be wiped.

Having your website down could mean revenue lost for your business especially if you’re in the E-commerce industry.

Ensure that your website has an uptime of 99% or more as visitors wouldn't want to see a blank page landing on your website.  This is important!

3.Plugin & Theme Updates

By not regularly updating your themes and plugins, you are risking the chance of having security vulnerabilities which can lead to getting your website data hacked. New features become available for new plugins and themes which can be beneficial to your website. 

We recommend you update your plugins and theme weekly at least and daily if possible to reduce the risk of website vulnerabilities and have the most up to date theme and plugin features.

4.Site Speed Optimization

If your website takes time to load due to oversized images or unoptimized code then it can negatively impact your SEO rankings and your website conversion rate. By having a website that loads less than 2 seconds on both desktop and mobile, satisfies Google and other search engines. There will also be a positive impact on traffic flowing to your website when the page speed is optimized.

MapilitMedia offers site speed optimization services to help businesses improve their digital experience across devices and increase customer conversions.

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5.Security Protection

When there is a security threat on your website, the sooner you act the better. By having Malware protection on your website, you will get notified as soon as there are any vulnerabilities or threats that can lead to a malicious attack on your website. 

You need to protect your website and business from potential hacks, security breaches, and malware.

  Are you convinced how important it is to keep your website safe and secure? I hope that by being informed about the importance of website maintenance, you will watch over the health of your website. If you need help with web maintenance, MapilitMedia Inc. provides website maintenance plans ensuring the 5 points mentioned above are taken care of.

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