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August 26, 2020

5 Ways to Generate More Sales Through Your Website

Most business websites are brochure style which only provides content regarding their business with a phone number or email link as the method for the user to learn more about the service/product. Here are 5 ways you can turn your brochure website into an interactive sales machine.

 1.Booking Feature

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  If you are a service business such as a lawyer, dentist, or yoga instructor you can have customers buy your service packages directly online. The benefits of having a booking feature are it can automate the process of picking a time that works as you are able to display your available schedule with those looking to book a service. 

  Your website can handle the invoice & billing so you can focus on the delivery as the business owner.  WooCommerce Appointments is a solution you can try which is only for WordPress based websites.

  2.Reliable Contact Form

  Having only an Email and Phone number on your website can be improved by having a contact page on your website which will allow a visitor to enter their details without having to leave your website. Check out WpForms for a WordPress Form Builder.

  3.Chat Widget Feature

  Nowadays, with social media platforms, messaging through chat is how we communicate with our friends through text. By having chat messaging available on your website, you can instantly reply to visitors interested in your product or service. The initial greeting can be automated such as “Hello, my name is Shawn! How can I help you today?” which can trigger visitors to want to reply back thinking it’s a human...  

We use the Drift Chat widget which you can see displayed in the bottom right corner. Feel free to shoot Shawn a message 🙂

  4. Sell Products Online

  This is an amazing opportunity for product-based businesses if you aren’t already selling products online, just ask Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Display your entire catalog to all your visitors which can always be used in-store for shoppers to quickly look through your catalog and inventory information.  Allow your website to advertise all your available products and handle the billing and order notifications. Check out WooCommerce to apply eCommerce functionality to your website.

  5.Create an Ebook

  Those who are in the knowledge-based business such as consultants can develop an Ebook to provide readers with expert information. The Ebook can be bought straight through your website using the WooCommerce. Your Ebook can be used to promote upsells such as consulting services or you can even offer your Ebook for free in exchange for their email which can be added to your list for email marketing.

  Which of these following methods are you going to use? I think #2 is the easiest to implement if you haven’t done so already, don’t miss out on visitors looking to get in contact with your business. MapilitMedia provides eCommerce development services to clients throughout Canada and the USA. If you are interested in having our team help out with any of your Ecommerce needs feel free to contact us.

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