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April 22, 2022

5 Web Technology Trends in 2022

Technological advances will continually be made, and with web technologies, there are still major innovations being presented. Though it might not have practical applications right now, you should still be aware of these trends to hopefully capitalize on them when they become more mainstream.  Here are 5 Web Technology Trends for 2022.

1. Virtual Reality

  With the rising popularity of VR games and experiences, more people have access to VR headsets. Expand your creativity by showcasing 360 video content or models of your product which provides a more realistic experience of media consumption.  

VR technology is being used heavily in the real estate industry to showcase properties using virtual 360 tours. Check out WP VR to enable virtual tours on your website of your office/restaurant/real estate.

2. AI Chatbots

  AI Chatbots provide an interactive experience for users by having the ability to get information about your business by talking to a chatbot. 

  Chatbots can also be used to schedule bookings and these chatbots are online 24/7 ready to serve potential customers.

Intercom is a live chat software that allows the ability to create chatbots that are online while you’re inactive to reply to messages.

3. Drag and Drop Builders

  Drag and Drop website builders like Webflow, and Wix are making it easier to develop beautiful websites without knowing how to code.  

   We use Elementor which is a drag and drop builder to speed up development but it also allows the ability to write custom code if necessary.

   These tools improve the development experience for professional developers and those looking to DIY their initial website to save development costs.

Website Builder Design - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

4. Headless WordPress

  Headless WordPress allows you to use any framework such as React or Vue to interact with the WordPress API. This allows for complete creative freedom on the frontend and WordPress will be handling the CMS functionalities.

   We aren’t utilizing this feature at our Agency but this provides a way to choose the frontend technologies and still have the functionality of WordPress on the backend. We will be experiencing Headless WordPress to see if it will provide a higher quality website for our clients.

5. Voice Search

With the rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, more searches are being done through voice. This may be of use for E-commerce websites as customers may not know the exact spelling of a product.

If your website is on WordPress, you can check out the Voice Search plugin to enable voice search to your website.

Voice Search Google Mobile - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

So those are our top 5 Web Technology trends for 2022, if you’re interested in applying any of these technologies to your website you can contact us at MapilitMedia Inc to discuss your project.

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