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March 3, 2022

5 Website Security Tips for 2022

  Website Security is a critical responsibility towards your website property. Having your website hacked results in lost revenue for your business and a lower reputation among visitors to your website. Here are 5 Website Security Tips for 2022 to lower the chance of hackers taking control of your website.

1. Install a Firewall/Malware Scan Plugin

  Enabling a firewall/Malware scan plugin on your website is critical to provide a defense against hackers as it will identify and block potentially malicious traffic.

  We recommend using Wordfence Security to protect your WordPress Website. It provides a firewall and security scanner for free. There is also a premium version if you’re looking for more security features.

2. Create Daily Backups

  Having regular backups of your website will allow you to revert back to an uncompromised state of your website if you get hacked and can’t gain access to your website. Make sure to backup your site daily in order to not lose data if you do need to restore a prior backup.

  We recommend using UpdraftPlus to keep your website backed up and make sure to keep your backups on a separate server on which your website resides.


3. Ensure Plugins/Themes are Updated

  Any plugins or themes used on your website can be security vulnerabilities if not updated regularly. 

  If your website has themes or plugins not currently being used should be deleted to reduce security risk and you can turn on auto-updates within WordPress to automatically update plugins as needed. Make sure to monitor your site after theme/plugin updates as the update may break your site.

4. Use a Reputable Hosting Company

  Your hosting is the foundation of your website, if the servers which your hosting company manages gets compromised then your website will also get hacked. 

  Look to invest in Managed WordPress hosting plans as they will be more secure than regular shared hosting as the servers are optimized for WordPress.

You can check out our article on the Top 3 Canadian-Owned Hosting Companies in 2022.


5. Change Login Passwords Regularly

  Ensure that your website password is changed every 3-6 months to prevent any brute force attempts and keep your password stored in a password management tool.

  Also make sure to keep track of who has authorization to your WordPress admin, and to delete any user accounts that are inactive as these can be gateways for malicious activity.

Bonus Tip: Use an SSL certificate 

  Having an SSL certificate enabled on your website will protect users by encrypting any data submitted to your website. This will also change your domain to being on HTTPS protocol.

  Your hosting provider should have the option to purchase an SSL certificate for your domain.

  So those are the 5 website security tips for 2022. Make sure to implement these tips to ensure the safety of your website users and to protect your intellectual property. If you need help with keeping your website updated and secure you can check out our Website Care Plans to have our WordPress Experts maintain and keep your website running optimally.

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