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March 10, 2022

Is a Custom WordPress Theme Necessary in 2022?

 Looking to set your website apart from your competitors by creating a custom theme? This guide will help you with developing a custom WordPress theme. First, we need to discuss if creating a theme from scratch is necessary for your business.

  What kinds of Websites would require a Custom Theme?

  • If none of the pre-made templates available for sale are satisfactory to your brand guidelines.
  • You hired a professional designer to create a PSD of your ideal website, in this case you would need to code the pages using HTML & CSS to match the PSD design
  • You want complete control over your theme files, if you have a developer create a custom theme, they will be able to update the files quickly compared to pre-made theme which may take some time to get updated.

Once you decide to go forward with a custom WordPress theme for your business, here is the best way to get started.

Use a starter theme such as Underscores , this will provide the necessary WordPress files such that you will just need to update the template theme files to match your design preferences.

This method does require technical expertise of html,css,javascript, and php. If you do not have these skills or a developer on board to develop your custom theme, then you can contact us at MapilitMedia Inc. to help you create your custom theme.

How can you create a Custom Theme with No Coding Experience?

  You can hire a developer to build your custom theme but if you’d like to save money on development cost you can still develop your own custom theme using drag and drop builders such as Elementor.

  You won’t get to have complete control over the entire theme functionality but using the Elementor Theme Builder allows you to modify your Header, Footer, Global Pages and Posts, Global Archives, and WooCommerce Products and Product Archives without having to write any code.

To access Elementor’s Theme Builder full features, you will need to purchase a PRO license which is $99 USD/year.

What do we recommend?

With the quality of the premium themes today and ease of use page builders available, building a custom theme from scratch isn’t necessary. 

  If you have a Custom PSD Design that needs to be converted to WordPress, this can easily be done using Elementor.  

  Developing a custom theme should be only needed if you’re looking to have complete control on the theme files and if you’re looking to develop themes to sell on the theme store such as Themeforest.

So that’s our take on whether or not you need a custom theme for your website. If you have any questions or would like help with a web development project, you can contact us at MapilitMedia Inc.

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