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March 25, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2022

Grow your business by developing a digital marketing strategy to leverage the internet. Let your website & social media channels be assets that work, even while you’re sleeping. Here are 5 Digital Marketing Tips in 2022 to get more customers for your business.

1. Have a High-Quality Website

  Your business website is the most important asset for your online presence. Your website will be the initial point of contact that a potential customer will see. Set a great first impression through your website by having a high-quality website to entice new customers.

  Also, your website should have a form that potential customers can fill out to reach the business to inquire about your product or service. Make sure you test your website forms regularly to ensure they’re working and keep your form plugin up to date also.

  Consider redesigning your website, if you feel that its design is outdated. Also, check your website on mobile devices to ensure it’s optimized for mobile. Your desktop website and mobile website should not be the same layout. Check our Toronto Web Design service page to learn more.

2. Post about your Business on Local Directory & Social Media

  Stay active on social media with updates on new products/services and promotions your business has. Link back to your website so potential customers can buy your products or contact you directly to inquire about your service offerings.

  Also, look to actively promote your business on local directories such as Yelp and Craigslist. This is a great way to generate new leads as a service business since traffic from these websites are actively looking for local businesses as opposed to social media networks.

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3. Share Your Knowledge 

  Show your expertise in your industry by sharing your knowledge on your website and social media. Creating blog content will also help generate traffic to your business as your blog posts will rank on search engines.

  Be strategic in the blog post you create such that they’re relevant to business and have a clear call to action to benefit your business such as a product recommendation or service form to collect leads.

4. Develop an SEO Strategy

  Having an SEO(search engine optimization) is critical to ensure your website continues to generate high-quality traffic through organic search results from search engines such as Google and Bing.

  SEO consists of generating high-quality content and configuring your website to be what search engines want to see.  If you’d like our help with your SEO strategy then check out our SEO Toronto services page.

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5. Look Into Investing in Paid Traffic

  Once you have a solid SEO foundation, you can look into investing in paid traffic to boost your organic rankings and jump the rankings for certain search queries which are generating sales or new customers for your business.

  We would recommend Google Ads as traffic from search engines have a higher buyer intent which will generate a higher conversion rate for your campaign. 

So those are MapilitMedia’s 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2022 which you can implement in your business to grow. If you need help with your digital marketing strategy you can contact us at MapilitMedia and we can help your business.

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