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May 6, 2022

6 Ways Generate More Money With Blogging

  Blogging has been around since the beginning of the internet and it’s still a great marketing source for new clients and customers. Here are 6 ways to generate more money with blogging.

1. Gain Social Media followers 

  Those who find value in your blog posts will be more likely to follow your social media accounts to get more value from your content. 

  Actively providing value through social media will demonstrate your expertise in your industry and your product/service will hopefully be on top of mind when they want to make a purchase.

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2. Generate Newsletter subscribers

  People that prefer to receive marketing emails on a consistent basis will subscribe to your email newsletter which you can advertise on your blog.

  Continue to provide value to your newsletter subscribers without being spammy or always looking to sell something in your emails. 

  Having a newsletter will allow you to continuously nurture new customers/clients for your business.

3. Affiliate Marketing

  If you’re blogging about a recommended product or service which you aren’t a vendor for, then affiliate marketing is a way to generate revenue from your reviews.

  Here is an example of a blog post on MapilitMedia Inc. that shows the Top 3 Canadian Hosting Companies which generate affiliate commissions for those who sign up using our affiliate links.

4. Promote your Product/Service

  The most obvious and best way to generate more money through blogging is to promote your products and services in your post.  

  Blogging demonstrates your expertise in your field and develops a rapport with potential clients. Remember to provide value in the content you develop and not be too aggressive with promoting your offerings.

5. Showcase Client Case Studies/Portfolio  

  Another way to develop trust with new customers/clients is to blog about the success of your customers.  Showcase your latest projects and reviews from clients regarding your product.

  Having social proof gives the potential customer/client an idea of what their experience may be like with your business.

7. SEO

    Generating high-quality content will result in higher rankings on Google and more traffic to your website through organic search.

  Make sure to continuously revise your previous content to keep it up to date as this will positively affect your rankings.

  So those are 6 ways that blogging helps with generating more customers and sales for your business. If you need help with implementing a blog for your business, you can contact us at MapilitMedia Inc for help with Web Design and SEO.

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