Site Speed Optimization

People have short attention spans. You have to take this into account when designing your website. Your site must capture their interest immediately to convince them to stay and browse longer. This means that your webpages must load quickly, otherwise they’ll lose patience and click out of your site.

Site speed is more important now that consumers have become dependent on their smartphones for various shopping activities. People often use their mobile to look for brands and service providers near them, especially when they’re in transit or in a hurry.

Users admit to leaving websites that take too long to load, regardless of what device they’re using. When your website doesn’t meet the urgent demand of consumers, your bounce rate will likely rise. This leads to lost leads and potential customers.

A fast-loading webpage also improves the SEO value of your site. The Google Speed Update in 2018 confirmed that page speed is a direct ranking factor. It can also affect your ranking indirectly. Page speed can reduce your bounce rate and increase your dwell time. These factors signal to the search engine that users find your website engaging, potentially improving your ranking.

MapilitMedia offers site speed optimization services to help businesses improve their digital experience across devices and increase customer conversions.




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